About Paul Macdonald, MD

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Paul Macdonald, MD

Board Certified Internal Medicine


Dr. Paul MacDonald is a dedicated and experienced healthcare professional with a strong academic background and a commitment to providing excellent medical care to his patients. He was born and raised in the greater Boston area and has recently relocated to New Hampshire to embrace the lifestyle and opportunities offered in the Granite State.

Dr. MacDonald earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Holy Cross College, where he developed a passion for healthcare. He continued his education at Boston University, where he received his medical degree, furthering his journey toward becoming a physician.

Following the completion of his medical degree, Dr. MacDonald pursued his residency at the University of Michigan. This rigorous training allowed him to refine his medical skills and gain valuable experience in various aspects of patient care. His time at the University of Michigan was instrumental in shaping him into the knowledgeable and compassionate physician he is today.

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. MacDonald has a fulfilling personal life. He cherishes spending quality time with his family, particularly enjoying moments with his son. Dr. MacDonald has a green thumb and finds joy in tending to his garden. He values the importance of maintaining strong connections with friends and family and often seeks opportunities to share memorable experiences with them.