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About Cardiology

When you have symptoms like high blood pressure, angina (generalized chest pain), shortness of breath, dizziness, or a family history of heart disease, you may benefit from cardiology services at Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine. The team of health experts offers many noninvasive cardiology procedures, testing, and rehabilitation at their Derry, New Hampshire location. The internal medicine primary care practice also has offices in Windham and Bedford, New Hampshire, where the team provides care to manage general and cardiac health. Find out more about the cardiology services at Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Cardiology Q & A

What is cardiology?

Cardiology is an area of medicine that focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. Heart health is important because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. 

Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine is an internal medicine primary care practice that takes an integrative and holistic approach to health. When you come in for care, the team focuses on your whole-body health, not your illness or symptoms.

To support your health and well-being, the practice offers noninvasive cardiology procedures at its Derry location to screen for and diagnose cardiac conditions.

What are the types of noninvasive cardiology procedures?

Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine offers many noninvasive cardiology procedures to assess cardiovascular health. These procedures include:

Stress testing

Stress testing is a cardiology procedure that assesses how well your heart works during exercise or when pumping harder. 

The team may recommend stress testing if they have concerns about coronary artery disease, which is a type of heart disease that causes narrowing or blockage in the heart’s arteries.

Nuclear scans

Nuclear scans are imaging tests that use special cameras and a radioactive substance that helps the team see the structure and function of your heart. The team may request a nuclear scan to definitively diagnose coronary artery disease.


Echocardiography is an ultrasound imaging test that evaluates the structure and function of your heart and the movement of blood through the heart. This cardiology procedure may help find structural abnormalities.

Holter monitoring

For 24-hours, seven days, or 14 days Holter monitoring, you will wear a special device that monitors and records the electrical activity of your heart over a 24-hour period. 

The team performs these cardiology procedures in partnership with the New England Heart Institute and their world class team of Cardiologists.

How do I know what type of cardiology procedures I need?

The team at Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine conducts comprehensive evaluations when you come in with concerns about heart health. 

Your provider determines what types of cardiology procedures and testing you need based on your symptoms, medical history, and family history. 

The team may also suggest cardiology procedures if they have concerns about heart health because of your personal history of risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. These procedures may help identify potential heart issues before they turn into problems. 

After testing, the team works with you to develop a plan to improve heart health, which may include nutrition therapy, cholesterol management, or Coumadin® — a medication that helps prevent blood clots.

For comprehensive cardiology care that meets all your needs, schedule an appointment at Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine by calling the office or booking online today.